Monday, March 31, 2008

Typography from Vancouver Film School

Wonderfully fresh video on a serious subject

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9th Thing - Feeds

9th Thing Feeds: Investigating the various feed sources yielded a multitude of results. I did look at Bloglines search feature for articles on teen and libraries for a small number of 16 hits. comes up to the Richmond Times Dispatch page. I guess this default is customized by area? gave me Teen Reads as the top 5 most viewed sites by 77,819 people but they only have 24 subscribers. Technorati looks much more user friendly to me than Syndic8. I found a article for Sherida on the new eee! Their feature to find blog by tags is really user friendly.

7th Thing - RSS Feeds

7th Thing RSS Feeds: We had a RSS feed subscription at home but I've now set one up at work. I subscribed: 1) to the entertainment section of the Richmond Times Dispatch (for weekend possibilities!) 2) Unshelved which I already receive in e-mail 3) Teen Reads - one of Sydic8's top listed sites worth exploring I hope 4) Flickr album and 5) Librarians' Internet Index from Bloglines' recommended like feeds. I like the idea of receiving summaries from sites of interest - a good way to organize information. It seems like a quick way to keep up!

Tech Note: CNET video is not playable or available anymore?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Summer Reading Program Committee Agenda

April 3, 2008

I. Storytime

  • Resource Time with Lisa
  • Storytime Swap & Share
  • Storytelling Workshops

II. Special Programs

  • Global Youth Service Day


  • Performers
  • Pop Quiz
  • PSA
  • Count out prizes

Next meeting: May _________ from 12-2 at Hanover Branch

Handouts: Prince Caspian posters

Thursday, March 27, 2008

19th thing - Podcasts

19th Thing Podcasts: Listening or viewing podcasts can be fun and informative - yet another way to receive information. I listened to a Jim Dale interview podcast from (found on top March choices on where I was amazed to discover that he developed a record 147 voices for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Also the final movie is coming out in 2 parts! I decided to subscribe to an Italian feed (from for our upcoming trip to Italy but was less successful here in accessing their contents.
Tech Note: I could not get Windows to open M4A files.

18th Thing - Web 2.0 Awards

18th thing - Awards: It's gratifying to see that many of the sites on our 20 Things list are award winning sites. I looked at the top 3 travel sites. RealTravel sounded exciting since it includes restaurant and hotel reviews and photos by actual travelers but it turned out to be very subjective and peripheral a lot of times. Kayak says it searches across 140 sites to get you the best deal!